Classroom Drivers Education

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Choosing the right Driver Education program is one of the most important decisions you will make. Teens


driving a motor vehicle is the leading cause of injury among our nation's youth and potentially the most deadly activity a teenager will be involved in on a consistent basis. Compelled by this, ACE Driving & Traffic School has developed one of the best Driver Education programs and has become a leader in the industry. Our comprehensive program focuses on drivers' responsibility and the attitudes that promote safe, defensive driving.

Our classroom Drivers Education program prepares teen drivers for the challenges of driving in southern California. It has an unparalleled success, reviewing those topics most fundamental to the safety of teens behind the wheel. These include; the importance of driver attitudes, problem solving in traffic and effective driving habits of defensive drivers, risk management, and vehicle control. We also present a comprehensive program on Drugs, Alcohol, and driving. These and many more topics are presented through lectures and enhanced by audio/visuals and class discussions. Occasionally, guest speakers from various agencies are invited to further enrich the students' learning experience. Please read our Terms and Conditions page.

Driver Education Class
Our Driver Education Course provides you the foundation of good driving practices. It prepares you to pass the DMV permit test the first time and puts you on course to a lifetime of safe driving. Once completed, you're ready to begin behind-the-wheel lessons with a licensed driving school instructor.

(Do NOT print certificates -- DMV Only Accepts original certificates)

ONLINE Drivers Education

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Do you want to drive like a pro, but, can't find the time to prepare for your permit test?

ace_img03Ace Driving and Traffic School is here to help you!

We know that driving is a, "Must," these days, and many driving schools make great promises. We fulfill our promises. We make certain that all of our classes are professionally prepared, thorough, and  relevant to our customers' needs.

Based in California, Ace Driving and Traffic School provides On-line Driver Education courses that are clear and easy to learn! We teach you, "the nitty-gritty," of driving! 

Unlike many driving schools, we offer you a choice of classes, either On-line or In-class. (We also teach defensive driving skills in a classroom, for those who want to learn about driving fast and safe.) Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Our On-line courses are valid throughout California and we teach behind-the-wheel driving skills in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange CountiesEnroll with us now and experience the joy of driving like a pro!

  • Fun, interactive lessons, proven to help you learn quicker and easier
  • Online lessons to fit your schedule
  • Always up-to-date safe-driving techniques
  • Possible 10% insurance discount
  • DMV-Licensed Driviers Ed instruction for only $49
  • Any 1 of 3 Certificates necessary to receive a Drivers Permit or License

DMV Certifcates

NOT print certificates  -- DMV Only Accepts original certificates)