Parents, I need you think back to your teenage years? Do you remember the excitement you felt the first time you were legally able to drive? Typically, as we grow older we aren't as excited to drive as when we were teenagers. We tend to forget how much we wanted to drive, how much we wanted to mature and travel on our own. Well, imagine the enthusiasm and great excitement your teen feels about this new experience.

Not to worry. If you are looking at our website, you're on the right track to helping your teen embark on this new experience...the experience of driving. However, it's important to remember and remind your student that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers.

The good news is that there are more information and tools to help our teens become defensive, cautious, drivers and more receptive to safe driving techniques. We are continually updating our website with essential driving tips to keep our teens safe.

Why choose Online or Classroom Driver Education Course with ACE Driving & Traffic School? We've been around for over 28 years and have graduated over 40,000 teenagers. Our driver education courses are the best choice for teenagers in California, because our programs do not just use textbook information. We supplement instruction with educational videos that demonstrate basic and defensive driving concepts. Our in-class and online course cover all requirements of the state of California. Additionally, we focus on the following key elements of driving;

  • DUI and The Implied consent Law.
  • Basic Speed Law.
  • Speeding tendencies of teens and how to temper them
  • Pavement Marking.
  • Right Of Way rule.
  • Safe and Defensive tactics.
  • Night Driving.
As parents, you understand that learning to drive is an important event in your teenagers life. So, we prepare young drivers for the challenges and dangers of driving by teaching them road safety and helping them develop safe driving habits.

Prior to applying for a California Drivers Permit, students must complete a Drivers Education course and receive a Certificate of Completion from a licensed Driving School.
  • Classroom instruction awards a blue Classroom Driver Education Certificate of Completion form (DL400B)
  • Online instruction awards a pink Online Driver Education Certificate of Completion form (DL400C)
  • A parent or a legal guardian must sign the "Acknowledgement Statement" at the bottom of the Certificate of Completion form for presentation to the DMV.

Once the student has obtained their DMV Permit, contact us to set up their first driving appointment. Remember the DMV permit is not valid until after the student's first driving lesson with a certified driving instructor.

A certificate will be issued to the student at the end of their third driving lesson. You must present this certificate to the DMV for your driving exam.

  • Certificate Of Completion Of Behind-The-Wheel Training (OL238)

Recommendations for proper driving practice with your teenager...

Six hours of Behind The Wheel with ACE Driving School.

During the six months after they passed the DMV Driving Permit test, state law requires students to receive six hours of certified Behind-The-Wheel with an approved driving school. As parent you also need to practice with your teenager for fifty hours, ten of those hours should be at night. At ACE Driving School we believe taking the time to drive with your teenager is an important part of helping them understand the "rules of the road". Our Driver's Education Course and Driver Training are the first steps in training your teen to become a confident and defensive driver. It is equally important that you continue to drive with them for the first six months. The good habit of defensive driving learned from our program will be invaluable throughout your teenager's life. Follow these simple guideline to make the driving time a pleasant experience for the both of you.
  • Practice with your teen during the day.
  • Find a quiet location to practice until he/she feels comfortable.
  • Stop practicing when your teen becomes overwhelmed or distracted.
  • If your teen seems uncomfortable with the surroundings, have him/her pull over and stop to take a break. Discuss what caused him/her to be uncomfortable.
  • As driving challenges or opportunities arise, explain how you would handle such situations. Give your teen real world examples to help them better understand the topic.
  • Point out traffic signs or driving hazards to encourage your teen to recognize them.
  • Position yourself with access to the steering wheel or brake pedal so you can intervene in the driving, if it becomes necessary.
  • Give clear directions and remain calm at all times.
  • Begin nighttime driving sessions once your teen is comfortable with driving during the day(ten hours of night time driving practice as required)
  • When driving, remember to follow the "rules of the road". Your teen is watching to see how you handle situations that arise.
  • Use seat belts at all times.
Remember to enjoy this wonderful driving journey with your teen. This is an exciting event in his/her life and one full of memories. If you have an questions regarding the driver's education programs that we offer, please email us at